Ep 22 - A different trio

Talking about poop and pee, talking about gay research, talking about all the coolest things you want to talk about and we got our zoo boy Brandon with us today. Never trust a fart.

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21 - The Moose is Loose


HEY Y'ALL! We have a fun one in store for you. We talk about porn and sex, but then we get really sophisticated and talk about some super cool arctic animals. We even change up the ending a bit and get rid of the battle royale for this week. We form a triumvirate.

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Episode 20 - Saint Patrick's Day

We really roast the Irish this week, but they had it coming. We talk about some of their folk tales too, and decide that Matt is really and truly a gay leprechaun.

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Guestisode 19

With Sean

We talk about animals from movie films. Ratatouille, Goofy, and the dog from homeward bound. Enjoy.

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Valentine (X VIII)

Hail Satan

We get into the real deep Valentine's facts. You're gonna love it. Love is in the air. Eros. Heart. We mate for life this time.

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Super Animal Jam Bowl


Hey guys it's the Superbowl and we've done some playoff animals for your pleasure. We talk about sports a little bit cuz we ain't nerds, and we also all do our sports picks. Find out exactly who WE KNOW is going to win the bowl. Bet on it. We got you. Enjoy!

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Episode 16 - We chose each other's animals

X V One - Armadillo, Flamingo, and Goblin Shark

We get into some shit for real this time. We talk a bit about Jaromir Jagr and his endless legacy, and the key to living forever.

Episode 15 - Penguins, Muskrats, and Dragonflys

We get into the specifics of these dumb, boring animals. A VERY high intensity show.

14 - Koalas, Llamas, and Giraffes

X One V

Hey Zoo Boys! Koalas are dumb and you're gonna find out why. Also Llamas are pretty cool and Giraffe tall. Big ups to all these animals and also we talk about how good my dad is at fucking.

Lucky 13 - Chameleons, Coons, and Hornet

We get into some stuff. Good stuff. Real good ones. Poop.

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