The Dozen - Slugs, Gators, and FLYING Squirrels

Back to basics after Christmas. We read off some animal sex moves and we talk about some animals and also we sing and dance and touch ourselves. Jolly good.

X1 - The Christmas Jam

Santa Clause is our very special XMAS guest this week and we bombard him with a whole lot of personal questions as well as get into some good debate about the christmas critters.

Episode X - Cockroach, Kissy Bug, Tarantula

Bug Zoo

We discuss a plethora (3) of bugs. Assassin bug, Madagascar hissing cockroach, and the tarantula. Also get into sexual assault and MiB.

9 - Water Zoo

The Life Aquatic

All creatures of the sea this time, baby, whoooo! Crabs, Stingrays, and Colossal squid. We splish and splash. Pretty good ep

8 - Orangutans, Marmoset, and TURKEYS

Gobble gobble

Episode Notes

We talk a little bit about Primates, a lil bit about the good old turkey-bird, and then we kind of meander through the rest.

7 - The Chicago Bulls

Episode Notes

We recorded this episode a while ago but I never uploaded it. It's A OKAY. The audio messed up and I had to edit a bunch of things but don't even freaking worry about it, all right? I'll tell ya what.

6 - Polar Bear, Fox, Dolphin

Episode Notes

The first inaugural Animal Jam podcast with your hosts Alex, Keith, and Matt. We really get into it. We talk mostly about dicks.

5 - Baboon, Iguana, and Puma

Episode Notes

This was the first episode where we started to rebrand as Animal Jam so this is techincally Epsiode 5 of BST, Episode 1 of Animal Jam. Who cares, they are only numbers. First episode with the new member, Keith.

Sloths, Beavers, and Eagles.

Episode Notes

Last Episode with Old Matt and first one with New Matt (formerly Angus).

Sharks and Scorpions

Episode Notes

Alex (Fay) didn't show up for the recording so it was just me and Matt this time. I liked this episode a lot, but it was old Black Sheep Trio style where we were just wingin' it!

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